Our Company
Brief History

Original Company formed in 1975 as a Manufacturer of Lighting Products
Various Political strategies made long term production of Lighting un-economic
In 1995 we embarked on a project to develop a new type of Memorial Plaque
Why Memorial Plaques ??
The 1 off nature of this product we felt would be less likely to come under Asian pressure
Also the Funeral business had undergone huge changes and maybe memorials were next
We felt a pictorial product could say so much more about a person's life than text
By 1998 we had developed a strong & durable Ceramic material ( Permanite )
One year later we had secured access to a full colour digital printing system
In 2000 the first test memorials were made and installed in test sites in New Zealand
In that same year the product was launched and Marketing began

Our People
Key Team Members

Darryl Cousins - Memorial Graphics design, General Administration

Peter Cousins - Sales & Marketing

Our People
Contact Details

Darryl -
Peter -

Phone International - +64 6 327 7019
Phone New Zealand - 06 327 7019 - 0800 737 626
Fax - 06 327 7018
Email Enquiries -
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Our Products

Permanite Plaques are made from a very tough Industrial Porcelain
The Porcelain family of Ceramic materials have a reputation for being Strong & Durable
This family of Ceramics was chosen as it best met the requirements for Memorial Plaques

The Digital system that is used to print the Full Colour images used special Inorganic Pigments
These pigments along with special Glazes we use lock the images in at high temperatures
Firing temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius locks in pigments forever
Perminite is Strong , Durable & guarateed never to fade - go to 'Contact Us' for Full test results
It will not decay or warp under any waether conditions and is unaffected by UV Light

Our Products

TuffCrete is a special hybrid concrete developed specially for the Memorial market
Its very Low Porosity and High Strength ( tested at over 50Mpa ) make it the ideal Memorial material
A Large variety of Custom Sizes & Shapes is now possible , all with finely polished surfaces
TuffCrete comes in a wide variety of Custom colours and treated to resist organic growth
The standard stock colour of TuffCrete is Quartz White